Is Fashion Art?

A couple of instant coffee granules miss the cup as they often do first thing in the morning. With slow sleepy swipes, I mop them up while I wait for the kettle to boil. If I’ve managed to convey the right number of coffee granules from the coffee jar to my mug, and added precisely the right amount of sugar, milk and hot water, then it will be a good cup of coffee. But if I don’t get ratio exactly right, it’s yuck, which goes to show that there’s an art to making a decent cup of java. Or is there? An art to making coffee, I mean.The question of what constitutes “Art” with a capital T has been around for a long time. People pretty much agree that making a good cup of coffee is not an art but there is still a lot of dissent about certain modes of expression like writing, movie making and fashion. There is the idea that fashion cannot be an art because it evolved from sewing and tailoring which is a craft even though tailoring has been referred to as “architecture” and the draping of fabric across the body as being “sculptural”. Many designers make references to art and artistic theories and concepts in their work yet are nevertheless relegated to the ranks of the frivolous where haute couture is viewed as the fetish of the financially well-to-do. And once haute couture and runway collections have been watered down for consumption by the general public then they are seen as nothing more than financial commodities and functional apparel in the marketplace.Another reason why fashion is not considered to be art is because, as with film making, a number of people performing different functions take part in the creation of a garment, such as the designer, fabric producer, pattern cutter and seamstress to name but a few. Because designers often don’t work alone to produce a garment, they don’t fit with the traditional view of the artist as a solitary genius and are therefore not considered artists even though their vision of what the garment will look like is their own.In short, there is no clear-cut answer as to whether fashion is Art or not because there are so many ways to interpret and use an individual garment. It can be seen as protection from the elements, an expression of belonging to a particular socio-cultural group, as a personal form of expression when it is worn, or in its purest sense, as the embodiment of the vision of its creator, the designer. Because fashion is so fluid and open to interpretation, it fits in with the theories of many disciplines and forms of expression, of which Art is only one.

Tamil Nadu Temple Tours And Tamil Nadu Arts and Cultural Tour

India is a vast country with generation old traditions and vibrant cultures, apart from the inexplicable beauty seen in its landscape. India is a blessed land where people of varied religions live together and share happiness. Apart from the origin of four major religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism), this country boasts of huge range of cultures, from Punjabi, Bengali to Gujarati, Tamil and many more.Tamilnadu Temple TourTamil Nadu is one of the 28 states of India and is famous for its temples. Along with a high literacy rate, the people of this state have maintained their religious sentiments and have been successful building places of worship that reveal their age old faith in the almighty. Tourists from all over the world arrange special Tours to experience the divine temples. These Tours are organized by various travel agencies, arrange a trip to the several ancient temples in this beautiful state. The intricate architecture, rich inscriptions and varied sculptures, expose the travelers to the rich ancient culture of this exotic state. Temple Tours are a huge success among tourists from across the globe, who takes pleasure in learning and experiencing the richness of the Tamil culture.Tamilnadu Arts and Cultural TourApart from a Temple Tour, you must take the Arts and Cultural Tour that exhibit the extravagant Art and Culture of this incredible State. Arts and Cultural Tour guides all visitors to rich art of the state that includes meaningful dances like Bharatnatyam, performed on various occasions. The Art of theatre, music and dance in this incredible state is indicative of the simplicity and creativity of the People.Tamilnadu is a major attraction among tourists, exclusively for its rich Art and enriching Culture. Indian Panorama is a complete planner for all your Indian tours. Apart from arranging exciting tours all over the country, this travel agency organizes special Temple Tour and Arts and Cultural Tour to satisfy your inquisitiveness of learning more about the Tamil society. One of the most urbanized states in the country, Tamilnadu boasts of beautiful hill stations like Kodaikanal, Ooty etc. Plan a trip to Tamil Nadu and take the Tamilnadu Temple Tour and Tamilnadu Arts and Cultural Tour to experience the beauty of this major tourist attraction in India. There are over 30,000 Temples in Tamil Nadu. “Don’t live in a place where there is no temple” is the motto of the people of Tamil Nadu.